How do I ask friends and family to understand that I have been in bed for the last 24 hours? Depression has crippled me, and I cannot find a way out of it. It is difficult to even find words to describe how tired I am. It is a monumental effort just to get showered and dressed this week. My stomach has been tied in knots for no obvious reason; other than to tell me I am in a full blown attack of depression. It just seems to piss people off, that I am not myself. It feels like a mental blanket is holding me down, and I am unable to shake it off. My mind is a blank void of nothingness. My whole body feels weak. Life feels like it is moving in slow motion, and I feel like I’m sedated. My interests have faded to a blank page. Piles of laundry and dishes sit untended as insurmountable mountains of effort. My job is suffering. My relationships are suffering. My reality is suffering, but nothing changes this reality. As hard as it is; I ask you all to just try to understand. This does not define me.